Clergy tasks Nigerians on nation building

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

KaftanPost Correspondent with Agency reports

Dr Kayode Nissi, the President, Church Management Support Ministry (CMSM), on Saturday, urged Nigerians to work towards taking the country to an enviable height in the Comity of Nations.

Nissi gave the charge at the ministry’s annual National Conference with a theme “Rebuilding Trust and Confidence in Leadership”, in Abuja.

He stressed that true leadership had eluded the country for some time.

“A large chunk of our leaders and policy makers are always occupied with selfish desires, most of them lacked leadership skills, they neglect policies aimed at improving the living standard of the people.

“We believe the problems facing the nation are man-made and we must work together to find lasting solutions to them, we must work together to promote peace, unity and progress of the nation, we must make sacrifice for our country to develop.

“We need to let go of our selfish and personal desire and stand together to rebuild our broken nation,” he said.

Dr Mohammed Shaibu, a Business Management Consultant, said that true leadership must show sincerity in all spheres.

According to him, the people must believe in their leaders and the leaders must in turn believe in the people and together they will work to build and solve problems of the nation.

“A leader must come from the people, he must understand the challenges facing them, and he must understand the needs of the people and must work hard to provide for them.

“A leader must know and do what would make the people happy, like providing them with quality healthcare, good roads, access to clean water and quality education,” he said.

Shaibu stressed that there was a disconnection between leaders and the citizens in Nigeria, as the leaders were not delivering on their mandates.

“We need a system that will function well, we need to appoint leaders who are willing and ready to work for the people,” he said.



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