Edo assembly speaker seeks FG’s collaboration on state’s dev. plan

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The Speaker of the Edo State House of Assembly, Mr Frank Okiye, has solicited the collaboration of the Federal Government in achieving the 30-year development plan being packaged by the State Government.
Okiye told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Benin on Monday that the State Government had commenced the development of a 30-year development plan.
He said there was need for the Federal Government to collaborate with the State Government to benefit from policies in the development plan, adding that by so doing Edo would be better for it.
The speaker said that what the Federal Government needed to be doing was to act as a big father in protecting long-term plans like the one being put in place in Edo.
He said that the Federal Government should collaborate with states to develop resources such as oil, agriculture and other resources in states.
Okiye noted that the Federal Government should do away with what he called “allocative” policies, saying: “I don’t think that is where we are now.
“I really think the Federal Government should sit down and develop an economic team that would have to look at the peculiarities of the states and collaborate with them in the area of their advantages for a better output.
“In Edo, we are developing a 30-year plan and we want the Federal Government to key into that because the house will support it with a legal instrument.
“So, if the Federal Government partners with the state, it means that the plan will ordinarily succeed every government.
“So, any new government coming does not have to introduce its own for purposes of aggrandizement. All you need to do is to fine-tune, develop and deepen the programme for the betterment of all.’’
The speaker said further that true federalism would mean that every state would work hard within the confines of its own advantage.


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