100 killed in fresh attack on Benue villages


About 100 people have been reportedly killed in four council wards of Kastina-Ala Local Government Area of Benue State over the weekend after gunmen unleashed terror on communities.

A total of 100 dead bodies was recovered from several villages in the four council wards where the gunmen attacked simultaneously between Saturday and Sunday, reports claim.

A spokesman of the Kastina-Ala council chairman, Tertsea Benga, who confirmed this incident, alleged that the gunmen stormed several communities in the Mbayongo council ward in Katsina-Ala LGA about noon on Saturday and burnt down houses.

He said most of the corpses were recovered from the bush after attacks on affected villages, including Vingir, Tse Nyipila, and Tse Guji all in Mbayongo ward, before the attackers proceeded to Kenvanger in Mbatyula council ward on Sunday afternoon.

Benga further recalled that half of the communities in one of the affected locality, Yooyo council ward in the same Katsina Ala LGA, had earlier been sacked by the alleged armed invaders who killed many people then and in the latest invasion.

Also confirming the incident, the Chairman of Kastina-Ala LGA, Alfred Atera, said: “More than 100 people have been killed in different places.

“They [attackers] are killing and dropping as they are going on their way. Some people were able to claim the corpses for burial.

“I told the military that the attackers have developed a strategy; they are not attacking one place.

“If they attack a place now, the next thing you hear is that they are in Yooyo and at the same time they are attacking Utange, so the military is going here and there.

“There is no military connivance, but I’m suspecting the existence of bandits here and I think they are trying to win cheap popularity,” Atera said.


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