Azman Air settles with NCAA, resumes flights

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AZMAN Air resumed operation hours after the company suspended its passenger operation amid a disagreement with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and other aviation agencies.

Recall that the airline had suspended its operation over its inability to pay the N1.2 billion debt owed to NCAA and other aviation agencies, which rose from the 5% Ticket Sales Charge (TSC) and Cargo Sales Charge (CSC).

Azman Air’s debt prevented the company from renewing its Air Transport Licence (ATL) which expired in April 2021. The NCAA refused to renew the license, resulting in the firm’s inability to fly in Nigeria’s airspace.

However, on Friday, Azman Air took to its Twitter account to announce that, “Operation has been restored and all Flights are being operated as scheduled as of today Friday 16th Sept.”

The disclosure hints on an agreement between Azman Air and the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, after both parties disagreed over the repayment quota of the N1.2 billion.

The Director-General of NCAA, Captain Musa Nuhu, had stated that the government agency requested Azman Air to pay N50 million monthly to offset the N1.2 billion, but the company offered to pay N10 million.

Azman Air later increased the amount to N20 million, but it wasn’t accepted by NCAA, leading to the company initially suspending its flight operation.


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