Bayelsa, Kogi and Imo November 11th elections


By Fayodade Aladeitan

The just concluded governorship elections in Bayelsa, kogi and Imo state is a further testimony of our far we have sunk into lawlessness and brasive violence and impunity of the highest order. The accusations and counter accusations by the political actors shows our level of immaturity and despiration in occupying political offices. Our democracy is not deepened, we need to talk to ourselves,we can’t continue this way.

Addressing the challenges in our democratic process requires collective efforts to promote transparency, accountability, and civic engagement. Meaningful dialogue and reforms can contribute to strengthening our democracy.

Certainly. To address the challenges in recent elections, there is a need for comprehensive reforms that encompass various aspects of the electoral process. This includes strengthening electoral institutions, ensuring the independence of electoral bodies, and implementing measures to enhance transparency and accountability.

Additionally, promoting civic education and awareness can empower citizens to make informed decisions, reducing the vulnerability to manipulation and misconduct. Encouraging political parties to prioritize issue-based campaigns over personal attacks can contribute to a more mature and substantive political discourse.

Furthermore, fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity within the political landscape can bring different perspectives to the forefront, reducing the intensity of power struggles. It’s crucial for stakeholders, including citizens, civil society organizations, and political actors, to actively participate in shaping a democratic system that reflects the values of the society.

Ultimately, an ongoing dialogue involving all segments of the population is essential to identify specific challenges, propose viable solutions, and collectively work towards a more robust and resilient democratic framework.
November 11th elections in Kogi, Bayelsa, and Imo states raised concerns due to reported incidents of violence, accusations, and counter-accusations among political actors. These events underscore the pressing need for reforms in the electoral process within these specific regions.

Addressing the challenges in these states requires a focused approach, including a thorough investigation into reported incidents, holding perpetrators accountable, and implementing measures to prevent a recurrence of such issues in future elections. It’s essential for both local and national stakeholders to collaborate in creating a more secure and transparent electoral environment.

Additionally, engaging with the specific concerns raised by political actors in these states can contribute to a more nuanced understanding of the challenges unique to each region. This targeted approach could inform tailored solutions aimed at fostering a more mature and responsible political culture in Kogi, Bayelsa, and Imo States.

Of no doubt the election results will be contested in court but beyond litigation we need to talk to our conscience and also bare in mind posterity. We need to embrace civility in our conducts.
Election should not be a do or die thing. After all , we are all Nigerians. This is really food for thought.

Fayodade Aladeitan, is based in Abuja, a public analyst, a preacher of the gospel and an ardent believer in the Nigeria project.


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