Chimamanda Ngozi releases wedding pictures to honour parents



Award-winning writer, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, has released photos from her wedding to honour her late parents who passed last year and this year, 2021.

The ‘Purple Hibiscus’ author posted some unreleased wedding pictures on her Instagram page, on Wednesday, June 2, to pay respect to her parents. She also pointed out a few things in her long written caption.

Chimamanda said she made sure both parents accompanied her to her husband at the altar, contrary to what people are used to, i.e The dad taking the daughters to the altar.

She pointed out that she made sure she danced with her father and mother, instead of the usual ‘father daughter’ first dance.

Chimamanda revealed she gave stern warnings to her family and friends never to release these pictures but she’s sharing it now “to publicly honour the rare and wonderful woman” that was her mother.

According to her, she broke the convention to inspire young women/men so anyone could do it too.

An excerpt of her caption reads: “Convention is something made up by somebody and then repeated by others. If convention feels wrong for you, if your skin bristles and your spirit stalls at the thought of doing something ‘the way it is done,’ then stop and act.

“We can make changes. We can try and craft small slices of the life we want.

“We can unmake convention to make things more just, more complete, more beautiful?

“Not everyone will be happy with you, because it is human nature to try and conserve things as they are, but your spirit will feel full, and there is nothing more meaningful than knowing you have been true to yourself.”

Chimamanda lost her father in June 2020 and her mother on March 1, 2021, she was 78 years old.

The author got married to her husband, Ivara Esege in 2009 and is blessed with a child.


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