Electricity supply dips to 77,964MWh – TCN

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On Thursday, thelectricity supply in Nigeria recorded a marginal decline by 1.8% to 77,964.55MWh compared to 79,380.6MWh supplied during the previous day.

This was according to information from the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN).

Similarly, generated electricity by the generating companies also declined by 2% to 79,072.56MWh on Thursday from 80,656.91MWh generated on Wednesday.

Electricity generation and supply is still gradually recovering from the crash recorded earlier in the week when the national grid experienced some disruptions, causing blackouts in some regions of the country.

Meanwhile, peak generation dropped by 3.7% to 3,432.2MW, while off-peak generation stood at 3,121.8MW.

Notably, 98.6% of the generated energy in the day under review was sent out to Distributing Companies.

Highlight (16th June 2022)
Peak generation – 3,432.2MW (-3.7%)
Off-peak generation – 3,121.8MW (-0.4%)
Energy generated – 79,072.56MWh (-2.0%)
Energy sent out – 77,964.55MWh (-1.8%)

The highest frequency for the day was 50.78Hz, while the lowest frequency was 49.3Hz


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