eNaira speed wallet returns to Playstore

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The eNaira speed wallet, which was launched on Monday, and was removed from the Google Playstore on Wednesday, after over 100,000 downloads, has returned back.

The eNaira has two applications, eNaira speed wallet —which caters to consumers—and the eNaira speed merchant wallet for Financial Institutions.

Since the release of the app, it has received negative reviews from downloaders, who were disappointed with the tedious registration processes as part of the requirements.

An application could be removed from the store because of negative reviews and policy violations but the spokesman of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Osita Nwanisobi, has come forward to say that the removal of the app was to help the apex bank (CBN) upgrade the app’s functionalities. He added that the application is now back online.


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