Jos Trade Fair: Exhibitors offer massive discounts as fair ends Saturday

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Some exhibitors at the ongoing Jos International Trade Fair are offering massive discounts to customers as the activity ends on Saturday, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.
It was gathered that the traders are cutting the prices of their wares from between 21 per cent and 30 per cent in order to make more sales in the remaining three days of the fair.
Our correspondent reports that items that were initially sold for N35,000 are currently being sold for between N20, 000 and N25,000.
Mr Desmond Akin, an exhibitor of kitchen wares such as Chapati makers, blenders and yam pounders, said that at the commencement of the fair, he sold a sharp kitchen machine blender for N30,000 but was now selling it for N25,000.
Akin said that he was initially selling a 3 litre yam pounder for N18, 000 but was now selling it for N15, 000.
He said he resorted to the measure to avoid paying more for transportation of his goods back to Lagos.
Similarly, Mrs Ajoke Adebisi, also an exhibitor of kitchen utensils from Lagos State, said at the start of the fair, she sold her mugs for N1000, but was now selling them for N800 and as well, reduced the prices of some other items from N800 to N500.
Adebisi said she was offering the discount to make little profits to cover her transportation cost back to Lagos.
Another exhibitor, Mr Jacob James, said he discounted the prices of his various skin organic products to attract more customers, adding that the initiative had been yielding good results.
NAN reports that the trade fair which commenced on Oct. 10 would end on Oct. 27.


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