Kano hoteliers seek FG help as low patronage hits state

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The intervention of the Federal Government has been sought by hoteliers in Kano State over low patronage across the state, which has left the business in near comatose.

According to a report by New Telegraph on Tuesday, the situation has gotten worse with most of the hotels unable to pay staff salaries.

It has been reported that the spike in COVID-19 cases across the state has made many customers boycott hospital facilities thereby depleting their revenue.

This development, according to findings, has gotten so worse that many of the hotels in the state look deserted daily with only a few guests strolling in and out.

Many of the hotels do not want to be under lock and key and seen as not functional thereby creating an imaginary work environment.

Speaking on the development, the Vice Chairman of one of the hotels, Muhammed Tahir Faddallah, said patronage has heavily dropped by over 80 percent in the last five months.

According to Faddallah, they are still holding onto their over 600 staff without retrenching anybody, while are operating below 35% of their usual operations, and called on the Federal Government to come to their rescue by bailing them out.

Recall that the first phase of the pandemic with its lockdown led to a near collapse of the hospitality industry with many hotels laying off their staff and running at huge losses in revenue.


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