Kantamanto Market: Ghana’s fast and cheap clothes market


By Tina Kenneth

Kantamanto is one of the fastest and cheapest market to shop for thrift clothes in Accra, Ghana. It has over 5000 traders with their stands, who sell second hand clothes from crop tops, jeans, lingeries, T-shirts to flip flops and other items including household decorations.

They call these second hand clothing, Obroni Wawu, which means dead white man’s clothes, built around the conception that no one in their right mind would give away so much nice clothes.

These clothes are usually given for donation at Europe and Asia. They send those donated clothes to Africa, where the clothes get crossed over to Ghana while others go to countries like Burkina Faso or Cote d’Ivoire.

The clothes arrive at Kantamanto market in Accra, and retailers are usually seen struggling for the clothes and exchanging words to get the best from every package of the imported used clothes.

The sellers walk around the market as they look for buyers, shouting “five, five cedis, shirt, five cedis!”

The cheapest place to get a fur coat is in Kantamanto market, you could get a new bodysuit for as low as 10GHC or a new black boot for 80GHC.

The Kantamanto market has been in Ghana for over 15 years and it will probably be around for a long period of time.

Tina Kenneth is a fashion model and content writer



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