Nigeria customs to generate N2 trillon annual revenue


Grace Cofie

The Nigeria Customs Service has planned to generate N2 trillon this year. About N1.6 trillion of this amount is expected to come from the South-West geopolitical zone.

According to a report, the NCS generates about 80% of its annual revenue from Lagos, Ogun, Ondo and Oyo states.

Data obtained by SHIPS and Ports from Customs showed that, the four South-West states, account for 80.48% of the NCS revenue.

The data further shows that, of the N2 trillion revenue that the NCS expects to realize, N1.61 trillion is expected to be generated in the South-West, N264.2 billion from the South-South, and N36.53 billion from the South-East.

The agency also expects to generate N35.35 billion in the North-West, N20.21 billion in North-Central, and N662 million from the North-East.

The report added that Lagos accounts for 75.975% while Ogun accounts for 1.249%, Ondo and Oyo contributes 0.004% and 3.142% respectively.

The South-West holds 14 out of the 36 Customs Area Commands in the country. These areas and the revenue they generate annually are: Apapa (30.359%), PTML (11.911%), TinCan (25.367%), TinCan II (1.143%), Kirikiri Lighter Terminal (1.502%) and Lagos Industrial (1.065%).

Others are Murtala Muhammed Cargo (4.211%), Murtala Muhammed International (0.04%), Seme (0.377%), Ogun 1 (0.007%), Ogun II (1.242%), Ondo (0.004%), Oyo (3.142%) and the Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone A (0.11%).

According to the report, the Customs Area Commands in the South-South geopolitical zone generates the second highest revenue for the NCS.

The Area Commands in the region generates a total of 14.854% of the NCS revenue.

The Area Commands in the six states include CrossRiver/Akwa Ibom (0.816%), Delta/Edo (1.643%), Oil and Gas (1.225%), Port Harcout 1 (4.16%), Port Harcourt II Onne (7.01%).

The report stated that “the NCS generates its least revenue from the North-East geopolitical zone consisting of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Tamara and Yobe states. Collectively, the zone accounts for a total of 0.033% of the revenue of Nigeria Customs Service.

“The Customs Area Commands in the region are Adamawa, which collects 0.011%, Bauchi/Gombe (0%), Borno/Yobe (0.011%) and FOU Zone D (0.011%).”

North-Central, North-West and South-East geopolitical zones generate 1.014%, 1.788%, and 1.83% respectively.


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