Nigeria’s energy generation dips to 99,701.1MWh



The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has disclosed that electricity generated dropped below the 100kMWh it recorded in the previous day as power generation retracted after three consecutive days of improvement.

According to reports,on Sunday, a total of 99,701.1MWh of energy was generated.

This is 2.6% lower than that 102,342.84MWh recorded in the previous day, Saturday.

Similarly, electricity supply was also reduced by 2.5% to 98,358.4MWh on Sunday compared to the 100,922.66MWh supplied in the previous day.

Meanwhile, electricity generation peaked at 4,446.8MW on Sunday, while off-peak generation was set at 3,699MW.

Nigeria’s electricity supply has been dwindling in recent weeks, following multiple disruptions of the national grid, causing wide blackouts across the country.

Although energy generation has recorded some uptick in recent times compared to earlier in the previous month, it is still largely below the 105,000MWh energy generation required in other to record a relatively stable power supply.

The highest frequency for the day was 50.59Hz, while the lowest frequency was 48.99Hz.

A further look at the tracker showed that 98.65% of the total energy generated on Thursday was sent out to consumers.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s labour union has urged the Federal Government to scrap and reverse the electricity privatisation exercise, noting that the challenges in the electricity sector persist despite the significant support funds into the sector.

This was stated by the president of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Mr. Ayuba Wabba, while speaking on Sunday at Abuja during the 2022 International Workers’ Day celebration.

He stated that “the challenges in our electricity sub-sector persist despite the acclaimed goodness that the power sector privatization programme promised.”

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