Day 16: The salvation that Ramadan brings

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

By Alli Eze

The Prophet (SAW) was quoted to have said, “anyone who fasts in the month of Ramadan with faith and intention to have reward from Allah, He would forgive all the person’s past sins.”

How beautiful is that. That if you fast in the Ramadan month alone, sincerely, having faith in Allah, and hoping that He is the only one that will give you the reward in it, Allah has forgiven all your sins committed in the past.

This means that from this Ramadan to another Ramadan, your sins will be forgiven, wiped off completely.

There are so many sins we commit without knowing, we don’t always know when we commit sins against Allah or humanity.

Sometimes, we realize and ask Allah for forgiveness, most of the time, we don’t realize that we have committed sins against Allah.

So, in the month, if you fast sincerely in the Ramadan month, Allah has forgiven all your sins.

Allah and His messengers have designed fasting in the month of Ramadan in such a way that you’ll should train yourself in all ramifications, even in keeping awake at night. Fasting is designed to train you to do that.

Such that after the month of Ramadan, you may be able to do night vigils, to keep awake at night. It disciplines you to also be able to handle your education, profession and every other things at night.

Anybody who stands up in the night to pray, with faith in Allah, and having the hope, with sincerity and consciousness in Allah to get his/her reward, then Allah has forgiven the past sins of such a person.

How beautiful is that?

Coming back to the fasting itself, as Allah has said that fasting is for Him alone and he’s the one that will give the reward. Every other deed of the son of Adam can be rewarded in 10 folds, 700 folds, but fasting is for Allah, and only him knows the reward in it, and gives it.

In yet another narration, He says that on the day of judgement, there’ll be special treatment for the fasting people. There will be a special door of the paradise that Allah is going to ask those who have fasted sincerely in the month of Ramadan or other voluntary fastings with hope in him for reward. He will ask them to pass through. Just like a red carpet, he’ll give them a special entrance into paradise.

How beautiful is that? A special treatment on the day of judgement just because you’ve fasted for the sake of Allah especially in the month of Ramadan.

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