Health: Introduction to Mental Health



You often hear Mental Health but do you know what it means? Are you one of those who believe a mental health patient means one is forever bound to chains and cuffs?

A mental health is not the same as mental illness. A poor mental health does not necessarily lead to a mental illness.

Everyone has what it takes to have a breakdown, everyone is forever linked to stress one way or the other. Why? Because we are humans.

We have blood running down our veins. So, don’t feel bad if you are dealing with a mental health struggle.

Now, what’s mental health?

According to Medical News Today, “Mental health refers to cognitive, behavioral, and emotional well-being. It is all about how people think, feel, and behave.”

Mental health just like our physical health is a daily necessity for the human race. It can affect your work, relationship, your family, daily life and your physical health.

Your M.H includes emotional, social well-being and your psychological aspect of life. Reaching a balance is key to your mental health.

Reports have it mental health/mental illnesses begin from childhood, slowly evolve into your daily activities as you grow older. When a child is born, his or her level of interaction with the environment says a lot about their mental health.

Upbringing and total well-being also contribute to the state of health.

A person’s mental health is interdependent on the social and physical aspect.

The age group of those highly affected by their mental health are usually around the teenage years and adulthood, this doesn’t mean that children do not experience or struggle with mental balance. They do, in fact, an adult who is mentally struggling has one way or the other been affected while growing up.

This could be as a result of traumatic experiences, broken homes, neglect and abandonment issues.

Anxiety, depression, phobias and stress can contribute to an imbalance in your mental health.

What are the types, causes, signs of mental illness? How do you decipher them? How do you reduce and manage your stress?

All these will be addressed next time. I’m sure you want to know what your mental health is saying.


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