Jewelry designer, Grace Makun, faces backlash over advice to May Edochie



The wife of Yomi Makun, Grace Makun, has received knocks over her advice to Yul Edochie’s estranged wife, May.

Recall that May had taken to her Instagram page to begin the new year on a new note. She had narrated how the previous year had dealt with her including the loss of her son.

She expressed her gratitude to everyone who has shown support since her husband’s scandal and the death of her son.

In the comment section, Grace had advised May to let go of her husband’s name. According to her, she should start the year with a new name and flourish with it.

Her comment read, “Make we commot this IG name first. 2024 grav your own identity and flourish in it. May God continue to strengthen you.”

That didn’t sit with a lot of people who attacked her immediately for her comment.

Someone said, “The woman don complain to una say the name dey pepper am? Why can’t women just mind business that pays them?”

Another said, “Will the name cure everything she has been through?”

“Unsolicited advice. There are many divorced people who still kept their last name. Allow people heal how they want, this is 2024”


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