Man On The Move Jonah Ubanmhen Given Job of Sorting Out Banking Crisis


Jonah Ubanmhen has wasted no time in seeking out support of advisory council, which observers expect to be made up of top experts.

The new Institutional reformer has begun plans to achieve banking stability, starting with key frontline advisory consultants.

According to him, the right Advisory Council “will ensure greater coherence and consistency in the implementation of new policy reform and ensure that government and society, in general, is better equipped to respond to changing economic circumstances”.

The Council will advice on government and public institutions as well as facilitate the development and implementation of new policy reforms that will spur inclusive growth of its citizens. It will serve as a forum for in-depth and structured discussion on emerging global and domestic developments, economic and developmental policies, and to facilitate socialisation and diligent execution of these policies.

“The council will also be instrumental in building a knowledge base of policy and implementation lessons, best practices and field-tested success stories,” the reformer said.

The Council has expertise in defense and security, administrative affairs of the federation, financial management systems, and the judiciary.

“I am confident that together we can ride out the storm, rebuild our economy and become the modern brilliant Nigerian that I know we all believe we are and we can be. This is our vital mission to ensure opportunity and prosperity for all people and future generations and  I am determined to deliver,” he said.

The new institution reformer said that he is honoured to take on the responsibility at a vital time for the country “We have huge reserves of talent, of energy, and determination to transform Nigeria into a asp great nation where everyone everywhere has the opportunities they deserve.” he said.

Jonah thanked the Public Service Institute Of Nigeria (PSIN) for their “support towards nation building in their capacity as a vital organ in promoting national ethics and excellent public governance in the society” and assured them that their insights, critiques and recommendations will ultimately serve to build a sustainable and inclusive economy that meets the needs of citizens and global competitiveness.




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