Nigeria’s Insecurity : Group ‘HELBIN’ advocates return to God for intervention ,say man’s efforts have failed

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A Christian cleric and President of a non denominational group Heaven’s Link Believers International Network (HELBIN)Rev.Emmanuel Omeokwe has said the security situation in the country requires reverting to God for intervention.

Rev.Omeokwe in a chat with newsmen said “It’s time to seek God’s face, where men have failed. And time is running out on us in Nigeria.”

Speaking further,the HELBIN’s President further disclosed Christians need to play vital roles at this time when Nigeria’s security apparatus is threatened .

In her remarks,the coordinator of a planned outreach program by the group and Swiss based Businesswoman,Mrs Ebere Gomwalk-Ijere said plans are underway to host a revival called ‘Shake off the Beast.

Gomwalk – Ijere further emphasised that the program is different from programs usually tagged ‘Gospel’.

She said: “I know some will want to minimize it as just another christian program. But it is not just that. It is about Nigerians of the same faith, in the diaspora and at home, coming together; out of deep concern to find a lasting solution to the problems plaguing our nation.

” I will be happy to see the Muslims put up similar programs too; and I will gladly attend if invited. This is no time limit our possibilities through daunting prejudices. It is time to work for the salvation of our country from our various corners; so Nigeria, our beloved country doesn’t die.”

According to reports, some of the activities lined up for Friday ,28th May include helping or widows and the less privileged who are victims of recent attacks by Bandits across the Southern part of Nigeria and awards to Christians who have excelled in charity and philanthropic work in the country.


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