‘Strange’ disease spreads to Kogi, kills 47

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A strange disease is on a rampage in Ette community in Olamaboro Local Government Area of Kogi State, KAFTANPost has learnt.

In the last one month, the yet-to-be diagnosed illness has reportedly killed 47 persons with scores bed-stricken.

Ette is a border community between Olamaboro and Igbo-Eze North Local Local Government Areas in Kogi and  Enugu States respectively.

For decades, the community has been bedeviled by clashes over where it should be situated.

While the Igbo speaking natives prefer to remain in Enugu, the majority, mostly Igala and Idoma claim to be from Kogi.

However, that bad blood appears to have been shoved aside over the outbreak of this unknown ailment.

A community source disclosed to KAFTANPost that the illness which broke out in Unyiette Community of Ette later spread to Ogado, College, and Adokpe clan of the same community.

Most of the victims, according to a Community source, usually develop headache and vomiting, followed by difficulty in urinating and stooling then ultimately death.

A worst-case scenario, he said, usually takes four to five days interval before death.

According to our source, some of the victims that made it to the hospital before their death were diagnosed with acute kidney problems while others had no complications whatsoever, yet died.

“The people of the community have tried their best to put an end to this endemic but all to no avail. We, therefore, appeal to the authorities concerned to as a matter of urgency, come to the aid of our people to stern the spread of this endemic disease before more harm could befall the people,” the community leader pleaded.

A Disease Surveillance and Notification officer in the region, Vincent Oshomi, said before vomiting blood, the victims showed symptoms of diarrhoea and convulsion, explaining they are suspecting cholera or Lassa fever.

“Between September and now, at least 37 persons have died at Ette community, while Umuopu community, which shares a common border with Ette has also recorded 20 deaths,” Oshhomi noted.

He said the cause of the deaths is not yet known, adding that the Enugu State’s Health Ministry has been alerted about the disease, and specimens of the victims have been collected for diagnosis and treatment.


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