We voted the best of the best as Speaker, Benue Reps says in congratulatory message to Rt. Hon. ABBAS TAJUDEEN


Chief Philip Agbese, the lawmaker representing Ado/ Okpokwu/ Ogbadibo Federal Constituency, has congratulated Hon Tajudeen Abbas on his emergence as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Speaking to the media after the first plenary of the 10th National Assembly, Agbese said Abbas is the best man for the job hence the overwhelming victory during Tuesday’s election.

Abbas who represents Zaria Federal Constituency polled 353 votes to defeat former Deputy Speaker Idris Wase and Sani Jaji with three apiece.

Agbese said Abbas is already justifying the massive support he got from him and his colleagues with the way and manner he has begun the assignment.

According to the Benue lawmaker, President Bola Tinubu again was shrewd to back Abbas, the reason he garnered about 98% of votes.

Describing the Speaker as a born leader, Agbese added that he embodies charisma, loyalty, and humility.

He noted that Abbas has an in-depth knowledge of the expectations at hand and came prepared with tools to surmount them from day one.

Agbese said the Speaker, who holds the traditional title of Iyan Zazzau, carries himself with dignity being a royalty from the Zazzau Emirate, and flaunts an unrivaled track record in academic, civil service, and legislature.

“I’m proud to have supported Hon Abbas to emerge as Speaker of the 10th House of Representatives. I also make bold to say that Nigerians will soon rejoice over our decision to yield to President Tinubu’s endorsement,” he said.

“A man of exceptional character with a rich vein of experience, academic and legislative excellence, he understands the contemporary Nigerian society and came prepared with a well-thought blueprint. It is still early days, I agree. However, this gentleman has shown these traits from day one so there’s every reason to be optimistic.

“As a member, he sponsored a record 74 bills. About 25 of them were signed into law which is another milestone. This can only be achieved by someone with the zeal and passion for his country’s greatness.

“Vast, our Speaker has a very robust career trajectory that covers education, management, and marketing. He is a born leader who carries himself with dignity being a royalty from the Zazzau Emirate.

“I wish to assure Nigerians that with Abbas as Speaker, the 10th House of Reps will break new grounds. We will reach the stars. Ultimately, the goal is to better the lives of Nigerians with people-oriented legislation.”



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