10 cool places to visit in Nigeria

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By Ajibola Aminu

Nigeria is known all over the world for its abundant natural and mineral resources, landmarks and wildfire reserves. However, it also has some of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the world.

If you are yet visit these places, sit tight as I give you a peep into this places.

Below are 10 cool places you should visit in Nigeria:

Jabi Lake

Jabi Lake is a water body formed from a man-made earth dam that was initially created to provide water to the residents of Abuja. The total surface area of the lake is about 1,300 hectares.

Nike Art Gallery

A magnificent five-story building coated in spotless white, standing high and proud in its surroundings. Nike Art Gallery tells its story from the outside.

The fence of the compound is adorned with rare marbles. Its walls are covered in different artistic inscriptions and drawings. You’ll immediately feel a deep sense of awe once you walk through its colorfully tattooed black gates, trust me.

Zuma Rock

The rock ranks high as one of the choicest tourist attractions in the Country. Zuma Rock, the monolithic inselberg with a human face, is located in Madalla, Niger State, to the North of Abuja. It was described as the unquestionable watchman of the F.C.T.

It is the sandy concealment that hangs like a haze over Zuba Town. The other mountains in and around it stay a considerable distance from it, which the Zuba people see as a form of respect being paid by the other mountains to Zuma Rock for its royal presence in the locality.

Osun Sacred Grove

This is classified as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. This sacred forest attracts a large number of people yearly as it is definitely worth visiting due to its rank high in the list of tourist attractions in Nigeria.

The Sacred Grove is situated on the outskirts of Oshogbo, the capital of Osun State, along the banks of the Osun river. Osun State is one of the states in the South-western part of Nigeria.

The Lennox Mall

This Mall is a world-class state-of-the-art facility, which features luxurious retail shop spaces, elegant food court and restaurant, serene relaxation spot, and nightlife entertainment area with beautiful sites to behold.

Lekki Conversation Centre

The Lekki Conservation Centre is one of the best nature reserves in Nigeria. It’s a conservation and relaxation center, which offers a breath of fresh air and an escape from the forever buzzing city of Lagos, Lagosians can relate more.

The 21-year-old conservation center cum nature hub, which covers an area of 78 hectares, represents the flagship project of Nigeria Conservation Foundation for the preservation of unique biodiversity, scenic, natural, scientific recreational values of the coastal environs of western Nigeria.

Olumo Rock

Any visit to the city of Abeokuta would be incomplete without stopping by at the “fortress of Abeokuta”, Olumo Rock.

I’m not surprise that this rock is located in Abeokuta, as the name “Abeokuta” itself means “under the rock”.

Olumo Rock has long served as a rock of offense and a fortress for the people of Egba land, since the 19th century. At Olumo Rock, you would be treated to attractions like natural tunnels, unusual trees, natural cantilevers, gardens on the rock, broken pathways, monuments of the belief system of the rock’s primeval settlers, e.t.c.

Oniru Beach

This beach resort features beautiful scenery, amazing horseback rides, squad bikes, local drummers, and African craft. The Oniru Beach Resort is one of the sites in Nigeria that is patronized by locals and foreigners. It is located at Victoria Island, Lagos State.

New Afika Shrine

You can’t mention the names of tourist attractions in Nigeria without mentioning the New Afrika Shrine😁. Are you thinking of taking your nightlife escapades to the next level😉? Then think Fela Shrine a.k.a ‘The New Afrika Shrine’. From the genre of music to the inspirational story-telling lyrics. I bet you’ll revisit the again and again after you taste the sacrosanct palm-wine that will revitalize the African spirit in you. The non-stop music will get you dancing to your fullest.

The New Afrika Shrine, an open-air entertainment center located in Ikeja, Lagos State, serves as the host location of the annual Music Festival.

10. Enjoy your stay in these places. Don’t be too reluctant to explore round the world. Life doesn’t have to be too serious you know😉.

You can go with families or friends. Enjoy yourselves and don’t forget to live in the moment.

Find your peace and have fun.✌🏾


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