Clinton Samuel, one among Ghana’s top male model


After winning male model of the year for fashion Ghana award 2021, Clinton Samuel is on a journey to set the record for winning most awards for best male model in Ghana.

Clinton Samuel is a 28-year-old Nigerian based in Ghana, he lived in Cape Town for a short period of time but later moved to Accra due to Xenophobia and Corona.

He is currently signed under 20 model management in Cape Town and a mother agency in London and Johannesburg.

The star model tends to switch into his model mood and deliver incredible poses during a shoot and unknowingly overshadow other models in the process.

Apart from being a model, Clinton creates content for fashion brands and himself whenever he’s bored or assigned to do so.

On his recent work with photographer Josh Sisly, the award winning model created a water fall concept, wearing a white outfit while holding a female model.

When he was asked what inspired the idea, he said “normally ideas run between i and Josh, who is my number one go to photographer, we share artistic things that are different from the Ghanian fashion market, things that are daring and very hard to create”

Clinton Samuel is currently the male model of the year and editorial model of the year for fashion Ghana award 2022.

He also won a tertiary award as male model of the year, and Mercedes Benz award for best male model of the year.

Clinton was featured on Vogue Magazine and recently won Ghana Style award for outstanding male model of the year ‘22.

It is clear that Clinton is set to break boundaries as he continues to work on his career as a model.

On his interview with KaftanPost, he was asked what people should expect in the next 20 years, he replied “Just consistency, i want to continue creating and making the best out of every shoot, the sky is my limit.

What’s your biggest fear?
My biggest fear is not having enough time to achieve the most. Although, i made my mum proud and if i die now, i know i did something good with my life, but if you have more time you could do more.

What inspires you?
I get different inspiration at every level of my life, i inspire myself, competitions inspire me, i surround myself with people that work to be the best at what they do and that also inspires me.

What would you like to be remembered for?
An artist.
An artist without fear that made an impact, and i want to leave my mark in the entertainment industry through music, modeling, fashion and any chance i get to communicate.

What is one message you would give to those watching you?
Find that thing, find that special thing you got, stick to it and work on it.


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