3 ‘myths about feminism’ you must know 

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


By Ojei Nonyelichukwu

Feminism is the belief in social, economic, and political equality of the genders; male and female. It is that simple.

It means social, economic, and political equality.


To have social equality means that men, women, children have equal statuses, liberties including civil rights. To be simple, it means we should all have the same rights, to own land, to get an education, to play the same sport, same services, and goods. This gives every human a right to make the most of their lives and talent.


To have economic equality is to have a level playing field where everyone has the same access to the same wealth.


Having access to equal standings in the political space. Having access to voting, hold equal seats in affairs that concern the government, equal influence and power, and equal rights of free speech.

Feminism is a historical movement of women who have spoken for all these rights to be afforded, other women and men around the world.

I will be debunking 3 myths about Feminism.

1. ‘Feminism is about making women the superior or dominant gender.’

First, feminism was not created for oppression. One of the main aims of feminism is to take the gender roles that have been around and assigned to women for many years and take these apart to allow people (women especially) to live free and empowered lives, without being tied down to ‘traditional’ or patriarchal restrictions. This will benefit both men and women. When these barriers are removed, women are then able to be equal to men and this will result in equilibrium.

2. Feminists can only be women.

Because the core of feminism is equality of the sexes, and everyone is affected by ills that come with the patriarchal roles that women have been subjected to. It is not only for women. Everyone can be a feminist irrespective of age, class, gender, religion, and sex. For example, if a man wants to be a hairstylist or nurse, they should be allowed to. If a man also decides to be a sit-at-home dad or wear skirts, they should be allowed to. As a man who cares about his wife, sister, grandma, or friend, he should be concerned with feminism as this affects them.

3. All feminists are career women and do not support stay-at-home moms.

Feminists cut across stay-at-home moms to career women. This is one of the several misconceptions about feminism. It holds that all feminists discourage sit-at-home moms and encourage career women, in order to show some sort of dominance or equality in the home or generally. But this untrue, feminists also choose to be stay-at-home moms. They are at freewill to choose whichever option.

Myths around feminism have lent a distaste for the movement and what it stands for and it is my job as a feminist to encourage stop thinking about what a feminist should or should not be, or what feminism should stand for and focus on what a feminist is and could be: everyone.


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