5 dress styles to hide tummy bulge

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Suffering from that big pooch and you are bothered about what to wear? Don’t worry, there is something for you.

Several things can cause a big tummy and although it’s not a bad thing but it might cause you some concerns as to what to wear. It might limit you to a certain type of styles and outfit.

Childbirth, eating habits, or simply genetic can cause those loose fat hanging around your abdomen and love handles. It’s a blessing to have that flat tummy but is it easy to maintain.

Some opt for exercises while others go for slimming products to reduce the tummy but what do you do when you have an outing but there is nothing left to be done? Will you let go of your outing or make alternatives?

While some are comfortable wearing waist trainers for long hours, some can’t even wear it for minutes due to the comfort they are depriving themselves or simply due to the health benefits.

Here are some dress types to choose from?

1. Peplum tops
These types of tops have layers properly placed on the belly side in a flare style. It gives extra room and although it settles on the belly, it allows it to hide any imperfections without the need to suck in the tummy. A peplum topKimono

2. Kimono
Kimonos are perfect for every body type and that included the ones with big tummy. It balances both sides and allows whatever in there to breathe. A coloured kimono is perfect while you wear a black inner top to hide the tummy. You can also opt for a black or nude kimono while you use any inner you are comfortable with.

3. Shift dress
Shift dresses are free, it doesn’t stop at the belly. They are free just like a dress without the waist. This can even hide a five-month-old pregnancy.

4. Wrap dress
This is just like the shift dress but it is usually in a wrapped style, it has a waist but because of the wrap, it can be used to hide the tummy.

5. Flare skirts
Flare skirts are your go-to type of dress for thick women. The skirt takes away the attention and also the belly. It has enough room in the flare to hide the pooch.


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