6-year pregnancy: A miracle too hard to believe

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To say my older Sister delivered a baby may not sound exciting enough until you hear that the baby was in the womb for 6 years. Yes, you read it well, SIX YEARS CONCEPTION. So, like the wrestler, can MYSTERIOUS be a baby’s name? I am considering it though.

You know as humans, we are so conditioned to time, seasons and dates so much that we have become accustomed to life events that have routine and scientifically justified timelines like pregnancy. The question, what happens when God defies logic and suspends science?

When my Sister attended our wedding in December of 2016 with her pregnancy, we never expected that we would give birth to our first baby, how much more the second before she delivers this one. She did urine and blood test which proved she was pregnant. From some quarters, we almost opted for abortion because they were not married but being a responsible man, her partner offered to wed her.

We were planning an introduction and engagement when she dreamt that she was shot at, and a few days later she complained of not feeling her baby anymore. We didn’t waste time, we embarked on 7 days of prayer. Not knowing that what God will do, He will do. No prayer and fasting could change it. Anyways, since it seemed like what some people wanted, we held our peace until a prophecy came that she was still pregnant but that God was shielding the baby from the enemy.

12months passed and we were worried but not too concerned because I was in the womb for 13months myself. So what’s the big deal about 12? Sadly, the big deal eventually was that the pregnancy didn’t grow beyond its first trimester (3-4month stage). All medical tests and scans returned negative yet she felt signs of pregnancy.

As she approached 18-20months, everyone became worried, and out of concern, as a family of believers, we started prayer sessions for her. We prayed until our faith could not carry on. Then we got a prophecy that she should urgently go and live in a church where nobody knew her.

We trusted and obeyed. She spent approximately 3years in that church premises at Ifo, Ogun State, under God’s strict instructions, one of which is that she must not step beyond the gate of the church. Again, she obeyed. Well, it didn’t look like we had many choices to choose from. God granted her victory over the battle and her stomach grew to the size of 8months pregnancy but scans still returned negative results.

She saw hell in that church. Leadership found it difficult to believe, members had different thoughts. Only a selected few supported her. My family will be forever grateful to the head of Prophets in that Parish. Others who cared did so either because they were mothers themselves or just took pity.

One outstanding event was when a lady, ignorant of my relationship with my sister, told me: “I can’t help her situation that’s why I try to help her when I can. At least, it’s better than empty pity.” That statement moved me because she was right. When you see people going through life issues, don’t just show empty pity. Your eyah won’t help. Doing something goes a long way. Show kindness; provide the little support that you can.

Anyway, let me face front. As we approached the end of 2020, my faith seemed to drop below 0°. It was as if COVID-19 infected my faith, it was almost quarantined. Noticing this, I quickly engaged my prayer team to boost my faith and prayer strength. It was a wise decision. They supported and boomed God spoke to us.

“That church premises is polluted and not safe for her any longer. She must leave ASAP.” This was about a time that the church had a leadership issue. The old Shepherd “disrespected” higher authorities and refused to be transferred. When he eventually left, the replacement Shepherd, though married, was soon exposed for having multiple sex partners within about a year in the church.
It was really messy.

So since God could not behold iniquity, I am sure He departed that church and didn’t want to leave my sister behind. While praying one day, He told me to move her quickly. I travelled over 12hours to see her, and discussed the intention but she was reluctant. She cared so much for the people who didn’t care for her any longer. She wanted to be religiously correct.

I respected her opinion and left but not for long. See, I have mastered the spiritual art of speaking to people’s souls and having their spirits obey as long as it is God’s will. Less than 10 mins after I arrived at my mum’s place (roughly 2hours away), she called, crying and begging me to come and pick her up. Like 007, I took off with my mum’s blessing. Oh! Gen Zs don’t know that code. Perhaps they heard the name before, James Bond.

At almost 11pm, a perfect time, I found a godly lie that I presented to the Pastor and I was made to sign an undertaking before we left. My wife was understanding enough to let me accommodate her. At my place, she soon resumed normal life up to about 60%. By the way, we had secured her husband-to-be’s consent to move her and take care of her from the onset. So, there was no coitus within these 6years at all.

In year 2, we attempted to operate on her and evacuate whatever was in her but God quickly spoke to us before we finished thinking: “Don’t try to operate on her. The pregnancy is a mystery and will be revealed when the time is ripe. You may rejoice because the battle is over. I have dealt with the people who wanted to harm the baby and mother.” Halleluyah!

Yes o, Halleluyah! That was our song and we started expecting the delivery. We were quick to forget that God’s time is the best, but hard to wait on. We thought it was like the next day, next week or month. It took another about 17months before the baby came on May 11th, 2022.

Interestingly, her menstruation spotted for all the years, but the spotting stopped last year September, to everyone‘s surprise. A test was conducted and it was positive for the first time in 5 years after the first three months. Excited about this new development, we encouraged her to run a scan, and it was medically revealed that she was carrying a baby. From that day on, all tests and scans started revealing positive results and to our surprise scan gave us an EDD for 10th and 17th of May.

Na today, e don tey! We were not moved because we had gotten such before and nothing happened. Consequently, we didn’t bother to buy baby things, nor did we bother her partner about the latest update until she fell into labour on the 10th of May. Abi na joke, and now we have the baby, a charming cute girl.

FMC said there was nothing there. Several specialists said, just evacuate whatever is there. General Doctors said maybe fibroid but scans returned negative both for fibroid and pregnancy. At one time, she was feeling the baby moving at her back. It will sometimes come to the side, left or right, the baby was basking in God’s glory while we worry.

My questions and fears about a 6year pregnancy were that:
– Hope the baby won’t grow teeth?
– Hope the baby won’t greet the doctors and nurses good morning at delivery?
– Hope the baby would not have grown and be difficult to deliver like normal birth?
I don’t have the right words to describe it for it is beyond a miracle. The baby came as a normal 9month baby. I wish to name the baby MYSTERY.

What name would you call such a baby, please?


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