Chrisland school discouraged me from an autopsy – Whitney’s father

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The father of the 12-year-old Chrisland student, Whitney Adeniran, has reacted to news that he tried to stop the school from conducting an autopsy.

The father said the school is hiding several things because they were the ones who tried to discourage him from conducting an autopsy on his daughter.

He said he almost went ahead with their pleas and he told them to get a coffin so Whitney can be buried. He said he changed his mind because he realised they were trying to dismiss the case.

The father of the late girl said he was the one who filed for an autopsy to be carried in his child.

He said Chrisland is not being truthful and the truth is all he wants. He said he wants his daughter to rest well knowing fully well that justice was done.

Whitney’s father said, “My child died at the venue in the stadium. Your nurse confirmed that and your nurse knows exactly what happened to my child. What I’m asking Chrisland to do is to come out and admit their errors, speak the truth and let my daughter rest.

“They were the ones discouraging me from autopsy. I was also shocked when I saw in their press release that I refused autopsy. The autopsy that is to be conducted this week, who filed it?… ”

Whitney was reported to have died during the inter house sport of the school and pronounced dead by cardiac arrest when the mother arrived at the hospital.

A new report revealed the deceased was electrocuted while trying to purchase popcorn during the event.


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