Chrisland: Whitney’s father faces cross examination



The father of late Whitney, Michael Adeniran, has faced cross examination as regards the death of his child who was a student of Chrisland College.

Recall that the deceased, Whitney, had died during the school’s inter-house sport event held at Agege Stadium on February 9, 2023.

The father on Monday, May 8, before the coroner O.O Fajana, had answered some questions laid by the counsel to Chrisland Schools, Bolaji Ayorinde.

Ayorinde asked Adeniran if he was aware that the child was being treated for anxiety and depression prior to her death.

He stated that the symptoms of some of the drugs prescribed give blackish lips and tongue. He went further to ask the father if he made findings to know if the stadium was safe for his daughter before the event.

Mr Ayorinde asked, “According to the doctor’s report dated Feb. 15, are you aware that the drugs prescribed (Netrazepam 5mg and Amitriptyline 12.5mg) are drugs for anxiety and clinical depression?”

He also asked if the witness was aware of some of the side effects of the drugs, which he listed to include numbness and dizziness, then bluish and blackish lips (from Netrazepam usage).

According to Adeniran, he said he had not made inquiries about the stadium because he expected the school to be in charge of that information.

For his explanation on why his daughter was using the drugs, he stated that he had received a call that his daughter had needed urgent medical attention from her school on January 20.

He said he had taken the girl to the hospital and the doctors after a detailed examination had prescribed the drugs. He said he had no reason to doubt the doctors because he is not a medical personnel and that he had no knowledge of the function and side effects of the medication.

Adeniran said, “On January 20, I was on my way to work when my wife called me and said the school called her and said that my daughter had taken ill and needed medical attention.

“I drove to her school and was asked to wait at the reception. Later, Whitney and some teachers came and they bade her farewell and asked her to take care of herself.

“I took her from there to our family hospital, Inland Hospital. Some drugs were prescribed after seeing the doctor and I went to the pharmacy within the hospital to get the drugs.”

Ayorinde had requested for another date to continue cross-examination but this was quickly objected by the lawyer of the Adeniran and the state government.

The coroner warned that the parties involved should refrain from actions that could prolong the inquest. The case was adjourned to Tuesday for further cross-examination.


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