Day 8: Fasting amid pandemic

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

By Ustadh Sulaiman Ogunmuyiwa

This year’s Ramadan is unique owing to the coronavirus. The world is sick, filled with a lot of sins. People do all sort of things with impunity. Coincidentally, Ramadan is upon us and God has chosen to heal the world.

While the coronavirus pandemic has kept us indoors, reflecting on all our deeds, Ramdan brings healing. Hence this is a time for everyone to move closer to Allah.

Things to do to make this Ramadan memorable

1. Plan a schedule and assign tasks to people around.

2. Plan the food timetable together. This will enhance bonding.

3. Set Quranic targets for yourself and your family.

4. Observe Salatul Tasbeeh, Rakat, Hajat and Toba.

5. Engage in Sadaqah.

Watch the full sermon below:


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