FG, Governors vow to arrest, prosecute all criminals in Nigeria

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By Aiyeku Timothy

The federal government and state governors have vowed that they will now join efforts for the immediate investigation, arrest, and prosecution of all perpetrators of crime in Nigeria.

In their latest stand, it was agreed that all Nigerians would be given full protection wherever they reside, without regard to ethnic, religious, or regional status.

All these agreements were reached on Thursday at the National Economic Council (NEC) meeting on the security situation in the country, which was chaired by Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo.

The governors reaffirmed their commitment to national unity and pledge to ensure the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators of crime.

Also, NEC agreed on the protection of all residents of all States, including non-indigenous communities and religious and ethnic minorities within State jurisdictions.

There will be reconstruction of destroyed homes and payment of compensation by State authorities for damage to property and livelihoods sustained during targeted attacks on communities.

It was also agreed that deceased victims of such violence will be duly accorded dignified burial rites.

There will be immediate public condemnation of all manifestations of hatred, targeted violence, and other hate crimes against ethnic, religious, and minority groups.

NEC agreed to ensure that local security initiatives – state government law enforcement agencies, local vigilante groups or the Police community programmes – will have adequate representation of non-indigenous/minority resident communities.

An agreement to ensure that innocent citizens and communities are not slandered, harassed, or victimized for the crimes perpetrated by criminal elements within those communities was also reached.

Furthermore, governors will organize town hall meetings in areas where ethnic strife have been recorded.


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