Hair wig more comfortable, durable — women

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A cross section of women residing in New Nyanya and Mararaba Area of Karu
Local Government Area of Nasarawa State said the trending artificial hair wig
(braided or weavon) was more comfortable, durable and suitable for use.
In separate interview with the News Agency of Nigeria NAN) on Tuesday, they
expressed admiration for the trending artificial hair.
According to them, the trend is a welcome development that has relieved most
women from unnecessary stress.
Mrs Chi Okoh , a civil servant, said that the admirable nature of trending hair
had made it more attractive, especially when worn by different women in a
particular occasion with different styles.

Okoh said that hair wigs had it own beauty and disguised individuals, thereby
giving one a different look.
“The trend is a great one that is welcome by most women, coupled with the
beauty of it.
” The stress of spending hours in the name of plaiting hair has reduced; I do
not have to sit for hours under the stylist plaiting my hair.
” I prefer the braided or weavon wig to that of plaiting hair, because I can
easily wear and remove them at ease, especially in the raining season and
during the hot weather.
“The comfortability that goes with wigs cannot be over-emphasised, in the
sense that, it is stress free , one can remove it when she is not comfortable and
decide to wear it at convenient time.
” Due to my love for wigs, I have decided to have more of it in different style,”
she said.
Mrs Nancy Oni, a teacher, said that she loved the braided wig because it made
ladies to look real good and neat, compared to the plaiting braid.
“The braided wig has made things easier for women to take proper care of
their hair, in the sense that, they can remove and decide to wear another or
even make another hairstyle,” she noted.
Mrs Oluchi Uche, a banker, said that braided or weavon wigs were not too
expensive and easy to maintain, especially “if one is a working class lady.“
“I prefer the braided wigs because it is stress free and also gives me different
looks anytime I wear it.
“It also saves me a lot of time and pains while plaiting my hair and I will not
go to the salon to plait my hair often.
“Braided wig has made it so easy for me, I can wear it anytime and anywhere I
feel like,” she said.
Meanwhile, a male hairstylist, Mr Tony Oni, said that the fashion trend had
become popular among women of different classes.
“The different between the wigs and the plaited hair cannot be over-
emphasised, because women are now free from stress with help of the braided
or weavon wigs.
“This trend has been embraced by most women to the extent that you rarely
find ladies who do not put on braided wig; it is trending among the women

“It has really made some women to look glamorous and more attractive.
” The prices of wigs depend on the quality and brand, some are sold for
N150,000 and above, while some are for N50,000 to 120,000 above and some
are also sold from 5,000 to N40,000 and above respectively ” he said.
Another hairstylist, Mrs Christy Silas, said wigs were good, especially when
properly made.
‘The thing with wigs is that, they are better than they used to be for sure. I
always think wigs are good fun to try things out, “she said.
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that American billionaire Heiress and
singer, Paris Hilton said she loved to wear wigs because they serve as the best
form of disguise.
The 38-year-old socialite also said she “wears wig every time she wants to go
out without being recognised.“
The singer also said that she had about 800 wigs, which she used on different


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