How dog named ‘Lulu’ became multimillionaire

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By Adesoba Toluwalope

An 8-year-old border collie called Lulu has become the latest millionaire in Tennessee.

The dog has joined the list of the wealthiest dogs in the world.

Lulu’s account has been credited with $5million, which of course, is in the custody of the dog’s keeper and friend to the deceased.

The dog’s owner, Dorris, had included the dog in his will, automatically changing the status quo of the dog.

Lulu that was originally owned by Dorris, Martha’s friend, was occasionally handed over to Martha for proper care since Dorris was usually on the road.

Martha Burton, 88, has taken care of Lulu, the dog for years.

Dorris has reportedly left enough money in his will for his ‘Lulu’ whom he referred to as “his border collie”.

“Five million dollars will be transferred to a trust to be formed upon my death for the care of my border collie, Lulu,” the will reads.

The will specifies that the trust is to provided for all Lulu’s needs and that she is to stay with Burton.

Although many are questioning the extent of the deceased’s estates and the value it entails, Dorris’s friend, Martha, has denied ever knowing Dorris had this planned.

“He loved that dog,” she said.

Martha claimed her joy and satisfaction lies in the dog, hence, she just wants to make him happy.

The 88-year-old woman, Burton, has revealed she would “like to try” although she believes she can not spend all $5million on Lulu.


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