I didn’t know depression till it happened to Asake and I – Hotkid



Singer Hotkid has revealed how he didn’t believe depression was real till it happened to Asake and himself.

On the latest episode of Hip TV’s Trending with KimOprah, Hotkid narrated how Asake had disclosed to him how depressed he was when he was living with him.

He said he didn’t believe in depression and how it affects the whole body but it had hit differently when the same happened to him.

Hotkid said he has never seen people’s individual struggles as nothing or the same ever since then.

He said, “The funny thing is that I never knew there was depression. Now let me just tell you this story real quick. In early 2020, Asake was in my room, he said he was depressed. I didn’t understand.

“Asake is my birthday mate. He was sleeping in my room. Then he didn’t have an apartment. So he was just shuffling people’s houses.

“He was in my room one night and was like how long does he wanna do this. I was cheering him up. I didn’t know that my own depression was coming.

“That’s why I always say it is easier to give opinions when you are not in someone’s shoe. So when I see people in some situations, I feel bad for them. Don’t judge.

“You don’t have any opinion. You are not perfect. It’s God that is helping you. Do you think the people you are judging are happy they are passing through that situation? Before I was like that but now I know better.”


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