I knew nothing about education sector when I became Minister, Adamu admits

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

The Minister of Education Adamu Adamu says he had no knowledge of the sector when he was appointed in 2015.

The Minister said what he had before he became a Minister was a “superficial” knowledge of the sector.

Adamu, the longest-serving education Minister said this on Thursday during a valedictory service in his honour where he received accolades from members of staff of the ministry.

The Minister said: “I didn’t know anything about education except superficially. When Buhari decided to make me Minister of Education, there is somebody here sitting and looking at me; he was the first person I called. He said ‘what do you want to achieve?’ I said I want to achieve good things. And these are my ideas as a learner.

“After that meeting professors of education were called and I told them what I wanted to achieve and let them put it in writing for me and they (the professors) did. And then we had a document.”

The Minister said to make up for his lack of knowledge of the sector, he consulted professors of education who assisted him in putting a roadmap together for the sector.

In 2016, Adamu unveiled the “Education for Change: A Ministerial Strategic Plan (MSP)” document for the country’s education sector.

The roadmap was expected to serve as a blueprint or a pill capable of curing most of the ailments currently affecting the sector, and provided immediate short and long-term solutions.


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