Kingsley Emoh, the man who plotted to kill Senator Ubanesse Igbeke finally arrested by the police after weeks of hiding


Kingsley Emoh, the self acclaimed billionaire staff of Eleme Petrochemical Company, Portharcourt, who plotted to kill Senator Ubanesse Igbeke has been arrested by the Police.

His arrest in Portharcourt on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 followed his refusal to honour Police invitations to come and assist Police investigations into his plot to kill the Senator by a petition in which he tagged the Senator a kidnapper and assassin . He also refused to obey a competent court order compelling him to honour the Police invitations.

Rather than obey the invitation of the Police, which persons with clear conscience will see as opportunity to clear their names and put facts in their correct perspectives, especially when it has to do with his own petition to Inspector – General of police, he chose to brag about his untouchable status, as he has the Inspector – General of Police and other top hierarchy of the Police as friends.

Emoh never missed any opportunity to showcase his stupendous wealth and often, reasonable persons are left bewildered by how an ordinary staff of Eleme Petrochemical Company could become so rich and larger than life. Truly Emoh lives life so loudly and so arrogantly and with a deliberate confidence of impunity, while moving around and intimidating people with team of armed policemen in his convoy.

Kingsley Emoh’s lifestyle stimulates the question, whether Eleme Petrochemical Company is still a Nigerian owned Corporation or a Ponzi scheme controlled by few corrupt individuals like Emoh.

His plot to kill Senator Igbeke is just one of his many atrocities in his native town of Nsugbe, where he has metamorphosed into a cult figure among miscreants, hoodlums and sundry criminals, who he uses to unleash terror on his perceived enemies.

However, there is an endgame in everything in life, as there is a time for everything too. There is a time to commit crimes and go free and a time to commit a crime and be caught and be exposed and disgraced. Emoh’s plot to kill Senator Igbeke appear to be his own endgame. As a dog rushing to it’s death does not listen to the restraining whistle of its owner, Kingsley Emoh did not listen to common sense and good conscience, and he was neither guided by the fear of God nor the fear of man, when he plotted to kill a well known public figure as Senator Igbeke.

His erroneous belief and nauseating boasting of having the Police in his pocket is as insane as saying that every officer in the Nigerian Police, from the Inspector – General down to the least Police recruit is corrupt and could be accountable to Emoh. This is lunatic and makes Kingsley Emoh deserving of urgent psychiatric evaluation.

This spell of lunacy has led Emoh through the years to drag Senator Igbeke’s name, reputation and integrity into mud, defaming and slandering the Senator with scandalous stories and false accusations.

Emoh has caused false and negative stories to be published against the Senator by many Media organizations, including the Brekete Family Television, Sahara Reporters, British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC and a host of social media outlets.

Rather than empower village women in Nsugbe to enable them take care of themselves and provide for their families, Kingsley Emoh stooped so low to pay them to stage protests, predicated on falsehood, disparaging the Senator. When all these brigandage against the Senator failed to achieve his purpose, Emoh hatched the plot to eliminate him.

His insane belief in the hegemony of corruption in the Nigerian Police has misled him into committing numerous atrocities in his native Nsugbe, believing he will always buy his way out of Police inquisitions. Like the Biblical Herod, Emoh neither fears God nor respects man. His terror against another illustrious son of Nsugbe, Chief Amechi Akwuba typifies his descent into insane lawlessness.

Chief Akwuba, an indigene of Nsugbe, was a 1980’s graduate of the University of Maiduguri, whose success in business led him to establish industries in Lagos and Abuja, employing hundreds of Nigerians. Chief Akwuba is a major stakeholder in the Nsugbe project and many people from the community continuously benefit from his largesse of philanthropy.

Over thirty years ago, Chief Amechi Akwuba built a country home in Nsugbe and singlehandedly constructed a road, leading off the Onitsha/Nsukka Highway past his house. The Local Government Council in appreciation of his effort, approved the road as a street and named the street after Chief Akwuba.

About four years ago, Kingsley Emoh built his own home along the street and to buttress his lunatic and clownish desire to override law and legality, he unlawfully removed the LG approved signpost, bearing Akwuba’s name and renamed the street after himself. Akwuba’s protest against the brazen impunity nearly cost him his life. Emoh, who has the entire gang of hoodlums, miscreants and daredevil urchins in the town under his control, unleashed the savages against Chief Akwuba. They swooped on the elderly man and beat him up to the point of near death.

It is important to note that Chief Akwuba became a millionaire while Kingsley Emoh was still learning to pull up his pants. He built industries while Emoh was still in primary school. He built his mansion in the village when Emoh was still walking barefooted to elementary school. Above all, Chief Akwuba became a graduate many years before Kingsley Emoh wrote Common Entrance Examination into Secondary School.

These attributes including the age of Chief Akwuba and his illustrious contributions to the development of the town did not restrain the beast in Emoh from attempting to kill the man because of his lunatic desire to put everyone under his feet and be the only knight in shining armour. It is on verifiable record that it was the intervention of Senator Ubanesse Igbeke and Senator – elect, Hon. Dr. Tony Nwoye, that saved Akwuba from Emoh’s terror.

Emoh did not relent in using the Police to harass and intimidate Chief Akwuba and even connived with the past Chairman of the Local Government to drag Akwuba to court and boasted as usual, that he would have his way through the court and teach Chief Akwuba the lesson of his life.

Fortunately, a Daniel has come to judgement, as the current Chairman of the Anambra East Local Government, in commendable pursuit of justice and fairness has discontinued the matter in court, much to Emoh’s chagrin.

From one impunity to another, Emoh bestrides criminal adventures like a colossus, maintaining criminal gangs and funding their nefarious activities with the millions of money he makes from his Eleme Petrochemical Ponzi scheme, while boasting of his impregnable Police protection.

Now that the hen has come home to roost, and the same Police he has castigated with his insane boasting of having them in his pocket have arrested him, the world is watching to see how much control he has over the Nigerian Police Force.

It does seem that his ill-advised plot to kill Senator Igbeke has turned out, not only to be his endgame but also a saving grace for the people of Nsugbe, from the lawlessness and treachery of Kingsley Emoh and his gang of criminals.


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