Niger govt returns 104 Almajirai to Sokoto

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In a bid to enforce the ban against street begging, Niger State government on Monday, returned 104 Almajirai to Sokoto State.

The Almajirai, along with their “Teacher”, was intercepted at Maikunkele when they were about to enter the state from Sokoto.

They were aged four to 10 and were being conveyed in a trailer.

The Mallam is understood to be taking the children to Niger for Islamic education.

The teacher claimed that there is an Islamic centre in Angwan Biri in Bosso Local Government Area where the boys were to reside and study.

In her reaction, Director-General of the Niger State Childs Rights Agency, Maryam Kolo, a lawyer, said it was wicked to transport the children in a trailer in the cold.

“We are being very proactive. We are very shocked that someone would come into the state with 104 children from Sokoto under the guise of taking them to an Islamic school without any provision of food or funds on them,” she said.

She praised the Police for their vigilance.


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