Number of internet subscribers in Nigeria rose to 151million in three months, NBS says

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) has said active internet subscribers grew from 143.63million in Q1 to 151.51 million subscribers in Q2 2020.

This was presented in its telecoms sector report which reflected that there was a 4.59 percent increase in voice subscription quarter on quarter.

“Telecoms data for Q2 and Q3 2020 reflected that a total of 196,242,456 and 205,252,058 subscribers were active on voice as against 189,282,796 in Q1 2020. This represented a 4.59% increase in voice subscriptions QoQ.

“Similarly, a total of 143,636,816 and 151,512,122 subscribers were active on the internet as against 136,203,231 in Q1 2020. This represented a 5.48% growth in internet subscriptions QoQ. Lagos State has the highest number of subscribers in terms of active voice per State in Q3 2020 and is closely followed by Kano and Ogun States respectively while Bayelsa and Ekiti States have the least number of subscribers,” the NBS explained.

According to the report, in the quarter under review, Lagos State recorded the highest number of subscribers in terms of active voice and internet with MTN having the highest share of subscriptions.

Kano and Ogun States followed respectively while Bayelsa and the Ebonyi States had the least number of subscribers.

The report said MTN had the highest share of subscriptions, followed by GLO, AIRTEL, and EMTS respectively.


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