‘Our people want the independence of the Oduduwa nation’ – Gani Adams

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The Aare Ona Kakanfo of Yorubaland, Iba Gani Adams, has said that it is obvious that people from the South-West are interested in the Independence of Oduduwa Nation.

Adams, who made his stance on self-determination known in an interview, said he is totally behind Yoruba activists calling for secession and establishment of Oduduwa Republic.

“Whatever they want is what I also want. But we are supposed to ask where our kings, leaders and politicians are going because I also want the Oduduwa nation,” Gani Adams said.

“There are many activists around the world who say they want the Oduduwa Republic. Never will I be the enemy of the Yorubas, and we do our virtual meetings and it is obvious that our people want the independence of the Oduduwa nation.”

Gani Adams attributed the heightened calls for secession from different quarters of the country to the failure of the security chiefs, which has led to the growing insecurity across the nation.

He described the current state of security in the country as unfortunate.

“It is the fault of security chiefs who have failed in their responsibilities to protect citizens, that is why people are agitating for the creation of Oduduwa nation but if the security forces join hands together with the citizens, we will be assured of strong security.”

According to him, insecurity problems affect all the states in the country, but it has been worse in some regions in the past six months.

Gani Adams therefore, disclosed that he has started working together with different groups and there are plans to protect the people of the South-West region against kidnappers and bandits.

“We have written letters to all the Obas in Yorubaland, and I signed the letters alongside members of the Oodua Peoples Congress and security guards to report any issue of insecurity,” he said.


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