Police arrest eight ‘kidnappers’ in Osun

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The Osun State Police Command said it has arrested eight suspected kidnappers.

The police said the suspects have confessed to killing four of their victims.

The Police Public Relations Officer for the Osun State Police Command, Yemisi Opalola, on Saturday confirmed that the suspects were arrested at Omo-Ijesa village in Osun State.

The suspects include Orikashima David, Teryange Demenogo, Terngu Tortindi, Anawuese Akough, Mbalumulum Kaorga, Comfort Terdoo, Michael Msendoo and Aondoaseer Terver, all Tivs from Benue State.

The police spokesperson said the suspects were arrested through credible intelligence received by policemen trailing the abductors of a 65-year-old, Mrs Akiishi Catherine.

She explained that the suspects kidnapped the woman in Benue State and brought her to the village in Osun as deceptive tactics to avoid arrest by the Police in Benue State.

She said that the suspects wanted to use the village in Osun as a safe haven for the negotiation and collection of ransom.

The PPRO further stated that the suspects eventually killed the 65-year-old woman, adding that they would be handed over to the Benue State Police Command as soon as the preliminary investigation is concluded.


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