Polls: INEC should give us less reasons to doubt their competence — SDP’s Adebayo

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The Presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Prince Adewole Adebayo says the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) should give Nigerians less reasons to doubt their competence.

The presidential hopeful, who made this aim on a television programme said the Commission is the luckiest government institution and enjoys goodwill from politicians and the country at large

In his words, “INEC is the luckiest government institution in Nigeria because it’s in a position where they continuity of the government depends on it.

“So for that reason, it gets 100 per cent funding , it gets repose for it’s funding on time and it’s getting a lot of funding and competing with some states in terms of how much money is available.

“It’s also relatively independent operationally. So it doesn’t need approval outside the commission to carry out it’s business. It is able to award contracts anyhow it wants.

“So, INEC, to whom much is given much is expected. INEC should give us less reasons to doubt their competence. There is a lot of goodwill. Politicians will refrain from criticizing them so their processes need to be firm. Their institution should not show some of the institutional menace we have in Nigeria where things do not work.”

The renowned lawyer also noted that the idea of deadlines for the collection of Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) should be reconsidered as there is no constitutional reasons why the electorates should not get their cards, even a day to the election.

“So they should give people their PVCs. They should put their house in order. Ideally and legally there should be no issue of deadline to collect your card. There is no constitutional or statutory reason why you cannot get your thing anytime.” He said.

He added that “But I am encouraging people to go and collect their card but on the side of INEC, they should do some logistic arrangements where you can wearhouse it somewhere and allow people go collect them.”


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