Pop singer, Kelly Hansome, threatens vengeance on woman who killed his brother

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By Adesoba Toluwalope

Pop singer, Kelly Hansome, has threatened the lives of the woman and her family for murdering his brother.

The pop artist took to his Instagram, in a video on Wednesday, February 3, 2021 to grieve over the death of his brother while laying out threats to the woman who was allegedly involved in the death.

Pictures of Kelly’s brother, Bruno, being laid to rest were posted on his page before the threats were made in a video.

One of the pictures include the deceased in a casket and an elderly woman bitterly sobbing beside it.

Kelly is believed to know the killer of his brother.

“Suffer not a witch to live,” he wrote in his post.

He added, “Meanwhile, help me use the comment section to rain desired curses on her.”

The singer has threatened to wipe the woman off the face of the Earth, alongside her family and anyone close to her.

He further stated that any friend, pastor, or even hair dresser of the killer who stands in his way will also be wiped out as well.

Kelly Hansome threatened vengeance on the family and loved ones of the woman he claimed to have killed his brother, captioning the picture he posted earlier with a long pour-down of his mind, with declarations that he will take vengeance himself and not leave it to God.

“You kill one of mine, i kill 10 of yours and we shall count till it’s complete. You’ll never kill anyone again, never!” He posted.

“You chose the wrongest Bull. This is a bloody war without end.”

It should be recalled that Kelly Hansome had accused people in the past of using voodoo, i.e. black magic.

He accused his ex and mother of his daughter, Mirabel, of using Jazz on him last year.


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