Queen Lillian Adebayo TV Broadcast Training rounds up with farewell cocktail

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 By Adewumi Gold

KAFTAN TV on Friday completed its free broadcasting training for youths in Ondo Kingdom, Ondo State.

The programme is named “Queen Lillian Adebayo TV Broadcasting Training” after the sponsor Queen Lillian Adebayo Foundation.

After three months of boosting their personal effectiveness, media skills and technical capabilities, participants in Queen Lillian Adebayo TV Broadcasting Training concluded the course with a farewell cocktail.

The Media training was aimed at building the personal and professional skills of beneficiaries, equipped them with 21st century skills and give them practical skills that would enable them to negotiate for themselves anywhere in the broadcasting world.

The Media Broadcasting Training was born out of a desire to better equip youths and provide more opportunities in the media and broadcasting industry. The three-month training was fascinating and intense, as it served as a forum for developing well-trained talent and discovering more passionate youth interested in pursuing a career in media and television broadcasting.

To that end, the training covered every core broadcasting area with training backed by classroom lectures, discussions and simulation exercises. Camera control, video editing, on-air presentation, graphics design, and script writing are only a few of the skills learned.

Participants wrapped up the programme in a convivial atmosphere where they recounted lessons learnt and broadcasting opportunities fostered.

“Before I came for the Training programme”, said Olakanmi Famous, one of the trainees, “I had a laptop but I did not know how to use it. Now, after three months in KAFTAN, I am now a competent graphic designer, camera operator and video editor. I came in expecting skills in broadcasting and can say that to a large extent, they have been met.”

The graduation ceremony, which took place at KAFTAN TV’s GRA Ondo headquarters, began with an opening prayer and was attended by dignitaries such as Dr. Mrs. Awosika Itunu Bridget, who represented Queen Lillian Adebayo at the occasion.

Also in attendance were the Coordinator of Ondo Ekimogun Youth Congress (OEYC), Mr Olusola Akinbinu, and the KAFTAN Television Ondo Head of Station, Stephen Adewale. The graduation and Certification served as the grand finale of the Training.

While speaking at the event, Dr (Mrs) Awosika enjoined the trained broadcasters to maximise the opportunity. She admonished them not to stop practicing what they have learnt and most importantly extend their knowledge to other people.

In his address, the Head of Station, Stephen Adewale, urged all participants in the Training program not to waste the opportunity that had been handed to them on a silver platter. He also expressed his gratitude to members of the media organization’s staff for their ability to share the experience they’ve gained over the years with the trainees.

In the same vein, Mr Olusola Akinbinu (OEYC coordinator 1) expressed his gratitude to Queen Lillian Adebayo and most importantly to the Osemawe of Ondo, Oba Dr Victor Adesimbo Kiladejo, for his unflinching support for the programme.

The management, through Stephen Adewale, announced the retainment of two people among the trained Broadcasters. The two selected trainees were Becky Akinpelumi and Damilola Ajao.

While praising KAFTAN TV’s management for their generosity and efforts in ensuring that the company contributes to the eradication of unemployment in Ondo community, Akinbinu urged the retained trainees to maintain discipline and act appropriately. He also encouraged the rest of the graduated broadcasters to make the most of what they have learned.

Queen Lillian Adebayo TV Broadcasting Training recorded 48 participants drawn from various parts of Ondo city.


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