Serial botched cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anu, embroiled in new scandal



Cosmetic surgeon, Dr Anu Adepoju of Medcontour, who has trended for more of her failed surgeries than the successful ones, has landed in another scandal after being called out by a victim.

The victim claimed Dr Anu gave her infections after a failed procedure.

The client, whose name is still being withheld, posted some repellent pictures on the internet, causing an uproar on Twitter.

The nauseating pictures showed portions of her buttocks covered in plasters with oozing fluids coming out from a decayed section of her butt.

According to the victim, she claimed Dr Anu relocated to Abuja to continue her practice after her clinic in Lagos got shut down.

Recall that in the year 2020, the same Dr Anu had trended for a long time, especially when pictures of rotten buttocks surfaced online and pictures of her arrest.

Dr Anu was suspended from the medical profession in Nigeria after Lagos University Teaching Hospital petitioned the medical panel following the death of a beauty queen, Nneka.

She was also sued to court for malpractice in July 2020 by the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC).

Her clinic was reportedly shut down and it was of the conclusion that she has stopped her practice, but Dr Anu apparently didn’t stop.

The victim in this case has accused Dr Anu for giving her ‘Fat Necrosis’.

In one of her conversations with an unknown person, she said, “Hello, Dr Anu has done it again o. She has been in Abuja doing surgery and giving them infection. Dr Anu gave me infection. Fat necrosis. I’m dying in Abuja o.”

The person replied, rebuking her for not making proper investigation before consulting the doctor.

The person said, “You are mad, very mad. When we were making awareness about her, you were sleeping then.”

The victim replied with, “I live abroad, I live in New York, I did not know about any until I came down to Nigeria. I haven’t been in Nigeria for 10 years. It was after the surgery I started hearing things about her.

“For real. You don’t have to be harsh on me. I just started following you of recent.”

Reactions on Twitter have been keeping Dr Anu on the trend list. Some Twitter users rebuked the victim, showing no sympathy.

A Twitter user said, “Dr Anu has done it again o. She don go spoil person nyash. I thought she was arrested.”

Another said, “Anybody that goes to that Dr Anu woman at this point doesn’t deserve your sympathy. There is the internet with all its vital information but you chose to ignore it. You’re on your own.”

Another user said, “Dr Anu has shedibalabala again! In Fact this one is shedibashubasu.”

Another twitter user wrote, “How could you leave a whole New York full of experts to come and do surgery with Dr Anu?? Was it cheap offer you were looking for or your village people’s doings?”


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