Traditional worshippers warn against religious crisis in Kwara


Traditional worshippers under the aegis of the Ancient Religion Societies of African Descendants International Council (ARSADIC) have warned against religious crisis in Kwara.

The President, Dr Ifagbenusola Atanda, gave the warning while speaking with newsmen after the group’s meeting on Tuesday in Osogbo.

Atanda said those who were planning to use the 2023 Isese festival to foment trouble in the state should have a change of mind.

Atanda said while the police had not banned the celebration of the annual Isese festival, it was clear it must be done in convenient spaces without breach of public peace.

“In as much as we stay within our boundaries, we deserve due respect to observe our festivals just like the Moslems celebrate the Hijrah and Eid-el-Fitri and the Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter.

“We believe that genuine Orisa adherents have a responsibility to their religion to celebrate Isese Day and the Kwara branch members must not fail this Sunday to observe the day,” he said.

Amanda however stated that his advice to those planning to take or mobilise people to Kwara in the name of celebrating Isese Day was that they should not do so.

“We have an agreement with the police authorities in Kwara that people should not converge on the state to celebrate any day for now.

“We are peace-loving people, but we deserve respect for our faith.

“Isese Day can be celebrated in adherents’ homes, private religious family gatherings and gardens as may be convenient and conducive in the interest of peace, harmony and tranquility in the land.

“The police is not going to stop you from carrying out your religious obligations to your God, the Almighty. No one has such a legal right to do so.

“At no time did the police command in Kwara banned the Isese Day as reported in a section of the media.

“But please, play your part well, be law-abiding and do not allow other people to blackmail you or infiltrate your ranks and rubbish your genuine service and love for ‘Eledumare’,” he said.


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