Use Valentine’s Day outings to resolve marital disputes, expert advises couples


A Marriage Counsellor, Mr Saheed Lawal, has advised married couples to use
Valentine’s Day outings and exchange of gifts as means of resolving disputes
and mending cracks in the marriages.

Saheed gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN)
on Thursday in Lagos.

He said that exchange of gifts between couples during the celebration of love
such as Valentine’s Day would strengthen love and communication between

“I implore husbands to take their wives out and vice versa; it is a good
opportunity to mend little cracks in their marriages that might transform into big
dispute tomorrow.

“Going out to a serene atmosphere to unwind also affords the couples the
opportunity to communicate better, air out and solve issues of dispute.

“The best time to get anything from anyone is when they are happy; if there is
any misunderstanding between the couples, they can use the opportunity to
settle it and make up.

“It takes two to tango; husband buys gifts for wife and the wife should do same,
try to spice up your marriage with acts of kindness toward each other,” he said.

He advised couples to be considerate of each other and accommodate each
other’s flaws in order to reduce the high rate of divorce in the society.


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