World Cancer Day: Breast cancer not a death sentence says expert

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


By Temitope Adedeji 

As the countries in the world mark World cancer’s day, people living with breast cancer have been urged never to see it as a death sentence once it is discovered early enough.

A medical expert, Dr Olaniyi, made the assertion during this year’s World Cancer Survival Month organised by Breasts Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN) BRECAN in Akure, the Ondo State capital on Saturday.

Olaniyi mentioned that over 7.8 million women all over the world are living with breast cancer and still living their normal lives since they do go on frequent medical check ups.

He stressed further that the much ado over palpable death that could come from cancer can be prevented through vaccination if reported early, which he later advised parents to take their girl-child from 14-18 years for vaccination so as to prevent and save them against any odds of breast cancer.

According to him, “I want to use this medium to say that breast cancer can be cured and it shouldn’t be seen as a death sentence once it is discovered early then it requires vaccination and frequent check up”.

“I also want to say that, people living with it should not be stigmatised as long as those living with malaria fever that kills faster are not stigmatised.”

He therefore urged women to desist from smoking cigarettes, taking excessive alcohol and be involved in much relaxation and prolong breast feeding of their babies.

Meanwhile, a breast cancer survivor, who had battled with the illness for eight years, Mrs Osho, gave her testimony on early discovery which has saved her from unnecessary agony and stress.

Another three-year survivor, Mrs Ijalade said that, she is enjoying her life like normal.

June every year has been set aside to celebrate the survivors of breast cancer across the world.

Accolades were showered on the wife of the Ondo State governor, Mrs Betty Akeredolu, for the initiatives put togetherness to assist those affected it on the platform BRECAN established in 1997 to cater for the affected women and many lives have been saved through the initiative.


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