A wakeup call to UN Secretary General

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress

Written by Dr. Charles Chidi Paradise 

There’s an outcry from the Youth population of the West- African Sub-region.

Increasing levels of unemployment, dissatisfaction with governments of the day and the perception that not enough is being done to shine the light on the injustices and corrupt practices of various Heads of States in the region. Its safe to say that not many are impressed by the UN Secretary General’s reign and his possible return to office next year.

We write based on the constitutional rights and powers assigned to Youths in Policy Making with respect to the UN News 2015 Summit on Sustainability of Peace and Security that governs our world as enshrined in United Nations Charter.

We’ve observed with kin interest that no single actions have been taken to bring those behind the procurement, distribution and administration of fake COVID-19 vaccines to justice till date.

This article seeks to bring attention to this worrying trend and demands that WHO “Acts Now” in salvaging human lives globally as well as help to put an end to the horrifying threats posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

We want our world back in shape and devoid of COVID-19, Terrorism, Human trafficking, Gender based violence, kidnapping and regional and inter-tribal wars. This will foster unity and ensure we work towards the actualization of the MDGs and now SDGs.

Recently, the consequences of terrorism across many countries in West Africa, case in point, Nigeria with the issues in the North-East axis is the increase in internally displaced persons (IDPs). Its at an all time high with the UN Refugees reports stating that about 82.4 million people around the world have been forced to flee their homes.

Where are the UN Counter Terrorism Units and what are they doing to curb this hydra- headed monster in Nigeria? There is little or no noteworthy record of successful missions sponsored by the UN.

The infiltration of new Terrorist Groups known as Fulani Herdsmen and/ or Armed Bandits invading entire villages in Nigeria has contributed in no small measure to deaths, loss of livelihoods, proliferation of orphaned and out of school children and doesn’t portend well for the Agricultural sector of the economy.

The World Youths hope UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres wakes up and takes active responsibility of the issues on ground and asign UN Units that counters Terrorism to put an end the killings geared by Fulani Herdsmen invading entire villages in Kaduna State and Plateau State thereby calling President Buhari Governments to order on atempt to give Boko Haram Terrorist Groups Amnesty that may endanger innocent lives of Nigerians and foreign Embassies herein.

Where in the world have Amnesty been given to a terorrist without proper rehabilitation?

This is indeed a very disheartening time for Youths in general aspiring to be the next Koffi Annan or Barrack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos etc striving to create and make wealth in really hostile living and dealing environments.

Our heart cry is to pose the following questions – Where’s that part of humanity that stands for Fair Justice?

Where are the moral ethics to counter the seeming darkness that looms over our world?

We believed there are men and women out there who holds the remarks of John F. Kennedy who said “We are here to Light Up Candles and not causing darkness”.

The World Youths stands to say – It’s Your CALL to Light Up the Candles and not the opposite.

The present UN has to do better and should resolve to leave a legacy that posterity will smile on.-

This UN Youths SDGs Global Peace Campaign article is powered by World Peace Rebirth Initiative (NGO), the UNV Online Global Peace Campaign Activist.














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