BBNaija reunion: Major highlights from Shine Ya Eye so far

Factual Pursuit of Truth for Progress


The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye reunion has finally come to an end yesterday, June 17, 2022. It was a shocking show of outrageous behaviours, spilled milk, dirty laundry, fashionable themes, and reconciliations.

Although the reunion show started a little dry, miraculously, it had also ended dry. Well, thanks to the many topics centralised on events outside the house.

It was a drag of emotions as we anticipate more days where the gbas gbos promised will be delivered. Prior to the day the show started airing, information had gone viral of events that had taken place at the reunion.

Events that seem to be a click bait. Kudos to the orgsnisers because we were all glued to our seats waiting for events like the quiet Yerins telling Maria to shut up, to Beatrice slapping Maria.

Well, except there were deleted scenes or the cameraman was deeply engrossed in playing games on his mobile or probably dancing to a Tik Tok video that such events weren’t taken, all of which, like I said were mere clickbaits.

The reunion was not all that boring, it wasn’t what 75% of the viewers had wanted compared to other shows but it was entertaining for a while. Or was it?

The housemates had compensated the viewers with their fashionable outfits to match each theme of the day. It was exactly what Ebuka had said prior to the reunion.

Fashionable themes
Each day at the reunion had come with different themes. The housemates had brought their A-game to the fashion table, there was little to no topic for fashion police. They came with attires from their bossy looks to casuals, to native wears, to modern antique outfits, it was a beautiful experience with lovely colours spread on our screens.

Dirty Laundry
As always, the reunion was expected to come with matters, events, shady stuff done while in the house. And that includes Tega Boma saga, The multiple truth and dare games, the kissing, cuddling, oral sex, the missing condoms, shower topics, gossips, under the duvet escapades and a lot more. However, the Shine Ya Eye housemates who are known for their selective amnesia refused to give up details of things done in the house. Things to be discussed upon. They decided to bless and torture our ears with tiny bits of things that were done in Dubai. All we here for like two or three episodes were the praises of Dubai. It must be a fun place to go, do things and have them buried there. These gossips have no Visa apparently. What happens in Dubai stays in Dubai! Sadly, that was the case!

And to make things worse, Tega and Boma stayed glued to their alleged made up story about how she was separated, dating a single woman, nothing happened under the duvet… No problem. We know what we saw. Case closed!

Spilled milk
Maria became a subject of mockery and constant shade over her affair with the married man, Kevin. An information that had circulated months before the reunion. When attacked over her gossip about body shaming, she was equally blasted by Angel for sleeping with a married man and acting like a saint that she wasn’t. In another episode, stories of gossips had erupted between Nini and Arin where one of them had mistakenly let out that Peace was discussed at some time.

Another episode showed Angel and Cross revealing events done outside the house, money lent, things given, sacrifices made and not reciprocated. Etc. Emmanuel had shocked the nation when he disclosed that there was no romantic relationship between himself and Liquorose. He stated that he had not asked Liquorose out. Another event also showed Liquorose revealing that Emmanuel had cheated on her with a woman she caught with him while they were on the trip to Dubai. Like I said, what happens in Dubai stays in Dubai.

Everyone in the house is expected to have a strategy to win. But the housemates and the viewers concluded that the ones with the most strategy were Whitemoney, Angel and Emmanuel. Whitemoney gained the hearts of everyone even when Queen argued that fact stating that the Whitemoney in the house is totally different from the one outside the house. Angel, on the other end, had swayed almost all the guys in the house, making at least four guys fall for her. Emmanuel is arguably another housemate who played the game well. He had stayed till the last day because (according to the fans) had been saved because of Liquorose. (Something they desperately regret at the moment).

Relationships were made in the house, while some had made it outside the house, others have failed woefully. Peace, Nini and Arin were best of friends while in the house, but unfortunately Nini and the rest argued throughout the reunion with no concrete reasons of their own.

Emmarose’s ship fell into the biggest ocean and Titanic is a rival at the moment. Angel and Cross became enemies after the house. Jaypaul and Saskay had a lot to say at the reunion. Jackie B and Michael claimed they are friends and the same applied to Nini and Saga who denied having a romantic relationship.

Friendships we never saw coming. Arin and Angel, Jaypaul and Angel, Cross, Pere and Liquorose, Maria and Saskay.

After this, it is safe to say the viewers are not anticipating the next season. Or maybe we are!


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