Blasphemy: Seun Kuti, Femi Branch react to Deborah’s death

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Many celebrities have reacted and condemned the killing of a 200-year student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto, Deborah Samuel.

The killing trended on Twitter on Thursday where a live video clip showed a group of enraged students stoning a female student in pink outfit to death before setting her ablaze.

Femi Branch lamented bitterly on his Instagram page. He said the students are nothing but criminals who should be brought to justice. He stated that the Islamic religion does not support such killings contrary to what has been circulating the media.

According to him, the act is barbaric. He admonished people with little knowledge to Islamic religion to head to a nollywood actor, Ibrahim Chatta’s page for more clarity.

He said, “Do we have a Government at all! Is anyone or any religion above the Nigerian Constitution?! The killing of this lady Deborah in Sokoto is criminal and should be treated as such! This Country is not ruled by Sharia Law and so this kind of backward and barbarism should not be condoned or encouraged!

“For people who lack understanding about true Islam, please read the sayings (hadith) and descriptions of the ways (sunna) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) or go to @ibrahimchatta_lordthespis page for more clarity!

“These killers claim to be defending Islam and the Holy Prophet yet do not follow his teachings. Sad. Nigeria Police we await Justice for Deborah!”

Popular saxophonist, Seun Kuti also weighed in on the insufferable incident. Seun also condemned the act saying fights and energies like this are ought to be directed at bandits and terrorists and not innocent students.

He went further to say that Nigerians are not ready to understand that the religion is a religion of peace to Muslims and not outsiders. According to him, people had used religion to hide behind their shameful killings over the years.

“Let me repeat to you here, Islam is a religion of peace only if everyone is a Muslim. Islam anywhere in the world isn’t peaceful with unbelievers.

“But when Boko Haram and Bandits are killing your mothers and sisters, you aren’t there to fight them and protect your family but Deborah is how you show Allah your strength.

This kind of ritual killing isn’t called blood sacrifice, why? You all claim to hate African religion because of human sacrifice but how many people have been sacrificed for Islam this year alone in this country? Una never ready,” he said.

Reports show that two persons have been arrested in connection to the incident and the school shut down since then.


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