BXNX, Ruger resume online banter

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Fast rising singers, BXNX and Ruger, have resumed their unending online rivalry.

The duo who are not new to Twitter banters took to the app on Wednesday night to compare their achievements, bashing themselves with a series of tweets.

Ruger seems to have started the banter with a subtle shade.

He tweeted, “I am something. For years now, I have forced my songs down people’s throat whether e sweet abi e no sweet either by too much ads or by paying every influencer to make noise about a song they don’t even like. Or by speeding my song on TIKTOK. WHAT AM I ?”

This of course provoked BXNX who in turn slammed Ruger with new accusations. BXNX accused Ruger and his boss of buying streams. He stated that Ruger’s songs are always charting but are extremely low on Spotify.

He also said that the artiste has never performed for huge events because no one knows his songs.

Ruger replied stating that BXNX should at least mention five solo songs he has made that are known to his fans.

This went on for a long time with BXNX appearing in a series of tweets.

Here are some of the tweets:



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