Covid-19: Nigeria records fifth fatality in six days, 272 new cases

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Nigeria, on Saturday, recorded its fifth coronavirus fatality in six days, according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

The NCDC, in an update on Facebook, also confirmed 272 new cases.

The country started this week with one death, followed by another on Monday, then two on Wednesday.

This, thus, takes Nigeria’s total fatalities to 2,132.

The nation has also witnessed a sharp surge in infections, reaching a four-month-high with 317 cases on Friday.

Of the 272 fresh cases, 182 was recorded in Lagos, 34 in Rivers, 24 in Ondo and Oyo had 10.

There were also new infections in Abia (7), Ogun (7), Ekiti (5), Delta (2) and Plateau(1), totalling 170,895.

But with 164,788 discharged patients, it means only about 6,000 cases are active.


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